Design Process

SJC offers total solution for fully customized product design services. From the concept to prototyping, we have appropriate tools/software/technique to provide the smooth workflow to help our customer and create high value for them. Based on the wide range of manufacturing ability, SJC performs the workflow very efficiently, which saves time and offer competitive advantages to our customer.

Research Process

As the concept gets into the sampling stage, follow up we are clever on transforming  the concept into the real products. With fully computerized system, SJC is able to provide clear communication and make research together with our customer. Of course, we will also help to obtain all necessary certificates by the demand.

Production Process

As the sample/pre-production is approved, SJC extends the quality-control system from the early stage of the project. We efficiently collect all important information or comments/feedback into our RD system, and that will provide full-ranged of quality control ability on the production progress.